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I have been so fortunate to play with some great musicians in my career, here are some of them:

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Cindy & Bob

Cindy Rohan February 2nd 1953- May 9th 2018

Bad Bob Crockett

Bad Bob as Davy Crockett with the great great great granddaughter of the legendary Texas hero of The Alamo.

Bad Bob Crocket on stage

Bad Bob as Davy Crockett playing the fiddle with Johnny Doolittle on bass and the legendary KR Woods at The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas!

Bad Bob - Doug Driesel

Randy Meadows and Shiela Lennon and Bad Bob take the stage one more time!

Bad Bob - Doug Driesel

Bad Bob playing with Doug Driesel on piano in Texas City. I went on the road with Doug years ago and we played as far north as Canada. Doug is also a fine producer!

Bad Bob - Ray Novak 90th

Fiddler Paul Schlesinger, Mundo Earwood's daughter Candace, and me at The Milano Opry.

Bad Bob - Ray Novak 90th

Terry Barnett, Herb Remington, Bad Bob and Harlan Kubos play for Ray Novak's 90th Birthday Party, June 20, 2012!

Bad Bob and Amber

Bad Bob with Amber Lynn Slack.

Bad Bob and Perri

Can you spot the real hot dog?

Bad Bob and Perri

Bad Bob and his Site Wrangler Perri Harper on her birthday.

Randy Meadows and Bad Bob

Randy Meadows and Bad Bob (Photo by Jim Witherspoon)

BB at Colonial Oaks

Bad Bob and Mike Stroup play at Colonial Oaks, Katy, Texas.


Cousins Richard and Sue Rohan from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Mike Goff and Bad Bob

Mike Goff and Bad Bob at Jamaica Beach in Galveston, Texas, 2009.

Cowboy Cartoonist of 2009

Bob accepting 2009 Cowboy Cartoonist of the Year Will Rogers Awards Academy of Western Artists, Garland, Texas.

Bad Bob with Brian Thomas

Bad Bob and steel guitarist/banjo player/dobro player Brian Thomas. Legendary session man Brian Thomas performed on "Bad Bob and his Good Friends" and "Bad to the Bow" CD albums.

Bad Bob with Ed Starkey

Bad Bob and bass guitarist Ed Starkey. Ed played on all three of Bob's current CD albums.

Bad Bob with Don Hutchko

Bad Bob and Roy Head's lead guitarist Don Hutchko.

Bad Bob at C&D

Bad Bob at C&D Hardware gig, Houston, Texas

bob and mike

Bad Bob Rohan and Mike Stroup

Bob with Joe Danger

Bad Bad and Joe Danger discuss their next move on a recording project. Joe produced all three of Bob's recent CD's.

Bob and Joey at Joe Danger Records, Houston, Texas

Texas Songstress Gaylynn Robinson and Bad Bob at AWA Music Awards, 2007.

Bad Bob meets Hannah Montana at Barrington Private Party.

Bad Bob at Regal Ranch 2007

Bad Bob at Regal Ranch Private Party, Summer 2007.

Ron and Reta Rebstock at Pasadena Fairgrounds 2007 with Bad Bob.

Ron and Reta Rebstock at Pasadena Fairgrounds 2007 with Bad Bob.

Bad Bob at Academy of Western Artists Jam with Scotty Fitch and The Silverscreen Ranchands, Garland, Texas 2007.

Bob and Liz Talley at United Methodist Cowboy Church, Pearland.

Buckaroo Band

Pat Gavin and The Buckaroo Band. Pictured from left to right: Curtis Davis, Pamela Walker, Bad Bob, Pat Gavin (seated) and Bronco Brad Bottosen.

Lake Jackson

Bad Bob, Robin Mundy and Dan Chambers

left to right: Bronco Brad Bottosen on guitar, Ron Rebstock on banjo, Wiley Pat Gavin on the bull, and Bad Bob on muscle relaxers.

Bad Bob in Wharton

Bad Bob at Shanghai Days in Wharton, Texas 2005

"Three of a Kind" An Acoustical Extravaganza, featuring Chet Daniels, Liz Talley and Bad Bob at The Kemah Boardwalk 2005.

Bad Bob at Mr. Banjo Festival, Spain, 2004

Bad Bob playing fiddle for Billy Yates at Mr. Banjo Festival, Spain 2004.

Bad Bob and Tony Parera, owner of the club Nashville, Terressa City, Spain 2003

Chet Daniels, Marty Smith, Tony Parera, Liz Talley and Bad Bob in Spain 2003

Bad Bob, Liz Talley, Emmett Roch, and Chet Daniels in Spain 2003

Chet Daniels, Bad Bob, Emmett Roch, and Billy Yates at Mr. Banjo Festival 2004, Terrassa City, Spain.

Bob's wife Cynthia and their son "Captain Jack."

Bad Bob on Fiddle

Bad Bob with Chet Daniels and Billy Yates

Mr. Banjo Festival 2004, Terrassa City, Spain

Chet Daniels, Bad Bob, and Garry Patton, backstage at The Miranda Festival in France 2004.

Bad, Liz, Garry, Chet and Emmett

Bad Bob creating set list for Miranda Festival with Garry Patton

Garry Patton, who played piano and Emmett Roch, who played steel guitar, peeking out of Bad Bob's dressing room.

Bad Bob getting abused at the hands of rough, wild and crazy country artist Liz Talley after commenting on her hair.

Bad Bob with Television Star and host to Miranda Festival 2004, Sheree J. Wilson. Sheree has a long list of television and movie roles, most notably on " Walker, Texas Ranger " and 5 seasons on the hit CBS Television series " Dallas ".

Bad Bob with custom shirt designed by Autry County

Longtime companion Martello Fiddle with Bad's Boots

Good Friends

Cast for "Bad Bob & his Good Friends" CD: Bob Oldrieve, Myla Bertinot, Karen Paris, Pamela Walker, Curtis Davis, Pat Gavin, Gaylynn Robinson, Marty Smith, Ron & Rita Rebstock.

Love Potato

Bob and his Heart Shaped Potato. This photograph made the Associated Press Wire Service and was published in every city paper in the US. It also made the front page of The Houston Post, February 14, 1990!

A much younger Bad Bob.

Bob playing for Mom: Gladys Marie Rohan

Bob's Comic Strip Nomination


Bad Bob in Tejas Pictured: Gary "Mad Dog" Fergusson, Bruce Gray, Gary Jackson and Bad Bob and Larry Steinman. 1983.

Playing with The Hays County Gals and Pals. Pictured left to right: Lonesome Greg Lowry, Ginger Evans, Jill Jones and Bad Bob.

Rooster Junction

Rooster Junction 1979: Keith Scroggins, Hector Romeu, Shag Ruggs, Ron James Pressler, John Haas, and yours truly.

Dogtooth 1978, Donny Barry, Cindy Smith, Marty Smith, Marc Kingsley, Bob Oldreive, Bob and Jeff Peterson.

Dogtooth Violet 1976

Dogtooth Violet 1976, Richard Jacob, Jane Healy, Bill Bertinot, Marty Smith, Bob Oldrieve and Bob.

Bob playing in Dogtooth Violet, Houston 1976

Bob overcome with Texas heat, plays topless.

Pecos City

Bad Bob in The Pecos City Pictured: Bob, Jack Walthall, Stu Urbach, Kent Petersen, and W.T. Tennison. 1972.

with Jeff Bellomy and The Country Road

Bad Bob with Jerry Bellomy and The Country Road. Pictured: Rich Pramer, Jerry Bellomy, Bob and Kent Petersen. 1971.

My first playing gig. I was 18 years old with Jerry Bellomy with The Country Road.


Bad Bob in 1969.

Twin brother Bill Rohan, a much younger Bob and sister Connie. Christmas