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Bad Bob and his Good Friends
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It seems like only yesterday, Bob was loading up a two man Shasta House Trailer to a Lincoln Continental and headed for Texas. Arriving in Austin in December of 1975, Bob quickly threw away his winter coat from the North and with tears of joy in his eyes, declared Texas his home! He quickly fell in love with the warmth of Texas with it's temperatures and people!

Through out the many years that followed, Bob found himself immersed in the rich Texas fiddle culture of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. Texas offered many places to play with many talented musicians that would take him to places dreams are made of!

Armed with a fiddle and bow and a song in his heart, Bob quickly polished his craft of Western Swing, Cowboy and Western Country Music. Embraced by young and old alike, Bob has traveled with various groups through Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Nevada, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, along with Canada, France and Spain to bring the world his brand of country music.

"People sometimes ask me how did you get the name of Bad Bob? Well, I could tell ya'll one big windy after another like it was because I once shot a man for passing gas in a Houston Courthouse elevator but I prefer the truth. I was playing at The Winchester Club with the late I.P. Sweat (now this guy paid his dues) when I accidentally hit a sour note. Bert Wills, our lead guitar player at the time turned to me and said: That was BAD BOB! And the name stuck ever since!"